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Hello! I'm Ashley, a passionate graphic designer with a strong background in digital marketing. I thrive on the intersection of creativity and strategy, using design to captivate audiences and drive results.

With a background in Communication Design, I've crafted visuals for clients in the beauty industry, telling their unique stories through captivating social media ads and engaging packaging designs.

My marketing expertise gives me a deep understanding of consumer behavior, brand positioning, and effective communication strategies. By integrating these insights into my design process, I create visuals that look stunning and resonate with target audiences.

I stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends, continuously expanding my skill set to deliver exceptional results. Whether it's developing brand identities, designing persuasive materials, or optimizing digital campaigns, I approach each project strategically.

If you're looking for a dedicated graphic designer who can bring your brand to life and make a real impact, let's connect at Together, we can bring your brand vision to life through the power of design and marketing!

Artist Statement:
Our brains process and assign an emotion to every experience we have. From eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast to the mini-series Netflix show we watch at night.

       It is one of the brain’s main functions.

That is why certain smells can make our hearts flutter, or why an old song can make us sad. But no one can correctly assign words to these intangible feelings.

Through the ranging hierarchy, intentional choices in color, and the usage of various digital mediums, I am able to breathe in a bit of soul, a bit of weight, into those intangible feelings that one wants to express in the right ways.

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