Ashley Yeo Hye Chae    •   Open to work    

Location: New York
Date: 2023

'Hae-mong' is an interactive publication exploring the cultural significance of dreams for Koreans from a unique perspective beyond traditional Freudian or Jungian interpretations. It highlights the centuries-old practice of dream fortune-telling and trade rooted in shamanism and ancient customs. The story of two sisters, Kim Bohui and Kim Munhui, during the Three Kingdoms period of Korea perfectly illustrates the power of life-altering dream interpretation. By exchanging her precious silk skirt for her sister's auspicious dream about urinating on top of Mountain Seohyeong, Munhui's fate changed, and she later married King Muyeol of Silla. The publication also includes a price chart that enables readers to engage in dream transactions and potentially change their destinies.